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Karla S.

Kylie G.

I didn't only find someone to talk to, but I also found a coach who showed me that I am seen and heard.  Jenn helped me see that all the pain that we're going through teaches us to be stronger, more courageous, and even wiser. Jenn once told me that we can simply try to navigate our life, our feelings, our thoughts, and our actions the best we can to increase the possibility of achieving the outcome we want.

I'd choose her to be my life coach over and over again.

The day I decided to contact Jenn was a huge turning point in my life. 

Her professionalism, empathy, compassion, knowledge, and assurance of confidentiality create an atmosphere where I feel comfortable opening up about absolutely anything.  Our sessions have helped me through some incredibly difficult times, but she’s also there to cheer me on when things are going well!  Being accountable to someone each week really motivates me to implement the tools and techniques I learn.  I’m so grateful for everything Jennifer has done for me!!

Vanessa F.

Having Jenn as a coach has been a truly wonderful experience for me. Her ability to hold a safe and non-judgmental space has allowed me the opportunity to truly be vulnerable. This has enabled me to deepen my self-acceptance and be aligned with my true authentic self. Jenn asks great thought-provoking questions that help me to uncover new insights about myself or my situation.

I always leave our coaching sessions feeling lighter and more confident about myself.

Miram R.

Jenn really helped me to understand what was going on.


She allowed me to express myself without judgement. She knows how to analyze the situation and help you to solve your problems or the resolve the things you are worried about.

Carolina G.

Sabina M.

Coaching with Jenn has been a memorable experience!

Jenn is incredibly empathic and non-judgmental. She springs you forward and gently helps you shift your mindset to a creative solution-focused one. Jenn is a great listener and has an authentic and fresh way to engage in conversation and a candid and insightful method to gear you towards considering new possibilities and points of view. 

Thank you so much for providing me with a safe space to talk about my relationship problems and to help remedy some ongoing deep issues.  I arrived thinking my relationships were destined to fail but Jenn gave me the wisdom to understand how changing my own reactions and attitudes could elicit different responses from my future partners.

I feel more confident in my ability to recognize patterns and red flags that could potentially lead to self-sabotage in my relationships.

Clara T.

From the very first time I met Jennifer, she exuded a sense of warmth and joy that immediately made me feel at ease. She always made me feel like I was capable of achieving anything that I set out to achieve and would also partner with me to hold me accountable. She is an empathetic coach who listens deeply with non-judgement and helped me see parts of myself that I never saw.


I have achieved so much thanks to her help and am thankful to have her as my coach!

Kazuki F.

Jennifer's sessions give me the chance to rethink, realize my "bad" thought patterns and learn how to handle them by myself. Jenn is so considerate and charming. 


she creates a safe space to speak honestly by respecting my opinion, feelings and personality.

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